DaySequerra loudness monitor meets EBU spec

Loudness options for the European sport market have increased as DaySequerra, exclusive DTS hardware and audio partner, and a provider of high-performance audio processors for DTV and digital-radio applications, has updated its iLM8 Intelligent Loudness Monitor to meet the demands of the EBU R128 European standard. The DaySequerra iLM8 simultaneously measures the perceived loudness of 5.1 and auxiliary stereo programs using the industry-standard loudness measure while the DTS Neural Loudness Measure algorithm provides accurate readings of dynamic audio content.

The iLM8’s high-performance headphone amplifier allows monitoring in noisy background environments. In addition, a built-in Ethernet interface provides logging and field-software update capability.

With its HD-SDI option, eight channels of de-multiplexed audio can be routed to the AES inputs, and channel mapping is provided for all 16 SDI audio channels. The iLM8’s unique Mix Monitor alerts the user if desired loudness is outside the user-defined limits.

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