dblux expands HD OB fleet

The Danish broadcaster’s new truck, OB4 HD, is reserved primarily for TV and other major events such as the broadcasting of sporting competitions and concerts. For the planning and installation of the communication systems, dblux commissioned the Copenhagen-based company AVIT Systems.

Specialists in intercom and broadcasting technology, AVIT opted to rely on equipment from RTS to assure onboard communications. The centrepiece of the installation is an ADAM-M modular matrix intercom from RTS.

“In terms of reliability and performance, the ADAM-M is simply unbeatable,” explains AVIT Systems’ technical product manager Jan Ostergaard, adding that redundant power supplies, a large range of interface cards and trunking possibilities constituted further advantages of the RTS solution.

The ADAM-M matrix installed in OB4 HD is equipped with RJ-45 network cards. “It is possible to install up to six RJ-45 network cards in a single frame,” says Nico Lewis, RTS Senior Sales Manager. “Each of these offers the user access to 96 ports.” Either the RTS or the Ethernet standard can be used to implement the cabling. The result is a considerable increase in networking possibilities, as well as a reduction in the number of peripherals required. “Two breakout cables and one breakout panel less per slot,” states Lewis, “which means lower costs, fewer potential sources of error, and – of vital importance in the case of an outside broadcast vehicle – a reduction in the overall space requirement and weight of the installation.”

In addition to the ADAM-M matrix itself, the intercom solution on board the new vehicle includes 13 KP-12 CLD, two KP-32 CLD, and 15 MCP-90-12 keypanels as well as twelve PH-88R headsets – all from RTS.

The new vehicle has already been used to provide coverage of Champion’s League matches, and “not only our clients but also OB4 HD’s crew are delighted by the possibilities and production quality it affords,” says Ostergaard. “In fact, OB4 HD has become a potent symbol of the company. Everywhere we go, it turns heads and attracts enormous interest.”

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