Dutch Eredivisie football league selects ChyronHego’s TRACAB

Eredivisie, as the top league in Dutch football, is the latest major European football league to adopt ChyronHego’s TRACAB optical tracking system. Eredivisie is using TRACAB to collect and share real-time data on player and ball movements for every match, enabling powerful insight on team and player performance for all 18 Eredivisie clubs, as well as other stakeholders.

“ChyronHego’s TRACAB system has been field-proven as the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate real-time player tracking system, so it was the obvious choice for Eredivisie,” said Jacco Swart, CEO of Eredivisie. “TRACAB’s advanced capabilities for detailed sports tracking and analysis will further empower our clubs and raise the quality of play throughout the league. Fans will also benefit as broadcasters apply the collected data for on-air analysis, including exciting virtual-reality match highlights.” 

Eredivisie joins the Premier League, the German Bundesliga, La Liga, and other high-profile football organizations that have adopted the TRACAB tracking system. Every stadium in the Eredivisie League is outfitted with an array of special cameras mounted high up in each stadium to accurately register movements of each player and the ball at 25 times per second, resulting in around 3.5 million data points being collected per match. Besides the well-known metrics such as distances and speed, the system also logs more advanced metrics related to team tactics and ball possession. These physical, positional, and tactical data are made available to each Eredivisie club, enabling coaching staff and analysts to carefully analyze, monitor, and compare the performances of their players and teams against other clubs. 

In addition, Eredivisie is the first-ever league to also adopt ChyronHego’s ZXY wearable tracking technology. More than half of the Eredivisie clubs are using the wearable tracking devices during their training sessions, with the captured player data providing a highly accurate and repeatable set of performance metrics that are closely aligned to the TRACAB data gathered during the matches. Data from the tracking systems is leveraged further by international sports data provider Opta, the official match data supplier for Eredivisie. Through its OptaPro division, Opta supplies detailed analysis based upon the combined dataset of TRACAB and Opta to each Eredivisie club.  

“TRACAB is the most advanced camera-based player and ball tracking system on the market, with installations in over 300 stadia now capturing live tracking data on over 4,500 games every year,” said Ian Wray, sports director, EMEA, at ChyronHego. “As the Netherlands’ top-tier football league, Eredivisie is an exciting new addition to the long list of other top leagues that now rely on TRACAB to boost the understanding of team performance as well as to enhance on-air storytelling for sports pundits and commentators.” 

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