Espial technology and systems integration contributes to groundbreaking 4K hybrid IP video service

Espial has announced the commercial deployment of a next generation hybrid IP Video service by NOS, Portugal’s primary cable operator, powered by the Espial G4 STB Client and with systems integration provided by the Espial Elite professional services team. NOS’ new video service constitutes Europe’s first deployment of the RDK 2.1 environment and features capabilities including 4K resolution, advanced voice control and personalisation.

Implemented on a timeline measured in months rather than years, Espial and NOS created a wholly new personalised 4K video service that seamlessly integrates live, on-demand, OTT, catch-up and cloud DVR content with a fast, intuitive and immersive user experience. The Espial Elite solution includes the 4K Hybrid IP ARRIS ZD4500 set-top; a state-of-the-art Broadcom BCM7251S chipset; NAGRA anyCAST CONNECT content protection; and Nuance Dragon TV Voice Recognition, along with the NOS back-office.

The resulting solution represents Europe’s most advanced video service offering and incorporates popular video apps, as well as NOS-custom weather and sports applications. Espial helped deliver a range of market firsts for Portugal and Europe with 4K video support, best in class UX, voice control, nDVR, and a 1080 user interface all on top of the RDK stack. Leveraging key Web technologies such as HTML5 and the RDK, the new viewing experience provides a flexible and agile solution to ensure NOS a rapid pace of innovation now and in the future.

“We saw our true competition was emerging from the Internet and recognized we needed to work with an industry leading partner to redefine the user experience for Portuguese consumers,” said Pedro Bandeira, head of development, NOS. “After a rigorous selection process, we chose Espial who has been an exceptional integration partner and technology partner. The Espial G4 STB Client, based on RDK, is the foundation of our new, game-changing service.”

“NOS defined an ambitious plan with an end-goal measured in months, not years,” said Jaison Dolvane, CEO, Espial. “Working together, we have achieved a new pace of innovation that positions NOS to succeed both today and going forward.”

“We congratulate the exceptional work of NOS and Espial,” said Steve Heeb, president and general manager of RDK Management, LLC. “NOS’ deployment of the RDK software framework allows everyone to focus more of their efforts on developing the kinds of compelling consumer-facing applications and user experience showcased by this deployment.”

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