Etabeta to cover sports with new Clear-Com-equipped OB van

The Rome-based OB division of Italy’s Gruppo Comunicazione Italia, Etabeta, has selected Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Omega digital matrix intercom for the Etabeta FlexiVan OB vehicle. The Eclipse matrix system and V-Series intercom panel will be used to coordinate complex broadcast productions, including sports, talk shows and conventions.

The major new FlexiVan OB facility will be used to cover technically demanding events, including sports tournaments.

The installation – which was specified and enabled by Video Progetti, Clear-Com’s broadcast distributor in Italy – will assist FlexiVan to serve as a broadcast production hub and connect multiple broadcasters’ OB vans. FlexiVan also comes with a full ENG crew to accommodate events of any size at any location in the world.

The 240-port Eclipse-Omega system is the communications backbone of the FlexiVan operations, allowing collaboration among engineers and studio staff to efficiently manage all production activities. Eclipse interfaces with third-party systems as well as telephone lines to provide more user connections. The advanced V-Series key-panels are used among operators for fast audio routing, and offer features including 10-character OLED display labels and a ‘Listen Again’ digital memory replay. In addition, any system changes can be quickly achieved through the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) so that the FlexiVan team can easily adapt to last minute production changes.

Rosario Messina, OB van engineering manager at Etabeta, comments: “Due to the many requirements of the FlexiVan, we carefully evaluated all possible intercom solutions on the market. We found that the Clear-Com product line meshes perfectly with our needs for flexibility since it offered several communication paths, intelligent integration with other systems and scalability for each production. Also, because of Etabeta and Video Progetti’s long-running relationship with Clear-Com, we know the company provides high-quality products as well as excellent customer support.”

Karlie Miles, director of EMEA sales for Clear-Com, adds: “The Eclipse-Omega digital intercom system with V-Series panels is the perfect system for a busy broadcaster like Etabeta. Broadcast production teams do not necessarily know what new demands are around the corner, but Clear-Com’s intercom solution gives them the ability to adjust and fulfil the demands of any production. We are thrilled that Etabeta has entrusted Clear-Com to handle communications for its FlexiVan OB vehicle, and we’re excited to continue helping the company far into the future.”

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