Euro 2024: Details on the host broadcast audio plan for Germany

UEFA, as host broadcaster, is providing an extensive audio set up for match coverage, and match day minus 1, during Euro 2024.

The audio production plan is based on various key deliverables, including high-quality stereo TV international sound (TVIS), Dolby surround sound and immersive audio. The surround sound is encoded and embedded on the world feed via satellite only.

The match day set-up can be viewed in the mic plan below.

Click on the image to see a larger version

The LSF 1080p50 SDR and 1080i50 feeds at the venue, IBC and Content Hub carry the surround sound components, while the LSF 1080p50 HDR at the venues, IBC and Content Hub carry the immersive audio components, providing broadcast partners with the tools to produce their own customised audio experience for their audiences.

UEFA has put in place a fully redundant optical fibre network to connect all ten venues to the IBC. This network supports the multilateral feeds as well as a variety of unilateral feeds from broadcast partners, and is delivered with the help of Deutsche Telekom, UEFA’s official telecom partner in Germany.

The core network is based on a fully redundant dense wavelength division multiplex (DWDM) infrastructure and offers a capacity of 2 x 200 Gbps per venue. Both unilateral and multilateral HD video and audio (VandA) feeds are transmitted uncompressed between the venues and the IBC to ensure the highest possible quality.

The match day minus 1 coverage has been increased compared to previous UEFA tournaments.

Team Arrival, Team Training on the pitch, Press Conferences including Translations and TV Studio Interviews are included. Some elements will be broadcast live, other elements might be played out as packages from EVS.

A limited number of pitch microphones are set up to cover the training on the pitch. See the diagram below.


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