Euro Media Group acquisition of Broadcast RF rounds out portfolio

When Euro Media Group acquired UK-based Broadcast RF earlier this week it not only became the current worldwide leader in RF solutions but also laid a foundation for a future whereby its three RF subsidiaries, EurolinX based in Belgium and Euro Media France RF can collectively provide more comprehensive solutions for clients around the globe. Combined they deliver the kind of RF resources that can meet just about every need, from inside an arena or stadium to on a golf course or even more logistically demanding events like road races and more.

“We now have three RF companies that all offer slightly different offerings and also don’t necessarily compete,” says Barry Johnstone, Euro Media Group, international director. “And there are clearly some synergies while they also can each be autonomous and in their own world with their own clients.”

Chris Brandrick, Broadcast RF, sales director, says that the deal gives his team an opportunity to grow the business.

“We are very excited to become part of EMG,” he says. “It’s a great opportunity to broaden the scope of our UK and international operations whilst continuing to enhance the provision of RF equipment and services to our customers.”

This is the type of situation where customers may ask what does this mean to me but Brandrick answers that concern succinctly: “It will be business as normal and mean nothing for our customers as we will continue to provide the same high-quality RF services with the same people and same team. We will continue to operate autonomously from our Dartford offices with the same management structure and look forward to many more years of continued success providing high quality RF equipment to our customers.”

That answer would be the same for the other two subsidiaries as well as each has a healthy roster of clients and technologies that need to be supported. Events like Wimbledon, the Tour de France, Monaco Grand Prix, The Open, the Ryder Cup, FIFA World Cup, are just a few of the world-class events that will be served by at least one of the three subsidiaries. There will be no redundancies and Johnstone says that areas like research and development will benefit from any potential crossover.

“Broadcast RF was an attractive company to acquire as it is one of the leading companies in the field,” adds Johnstone. “It fits into [our operations] and we now have the best RF and high-frequency companies in the world.”

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