Euro Media Group and SDNsquare team for further growth of OBjective 2020

Euro Media Group (EMG) is building on its work to date in the future of sports broadcast IP production by subscribing to a capital increase in SDNsquare, giving it a minority position.

EMG’s remote operations centre in Hiilversum, Netherlands, operated by United, which has been rebuilt entirely on Objective 2020 architecture with SDNsquare GRID software

SDNsquare provides solutions to solve storage and networking challenges. This partnership supports EMG’s ambition to build one of the most future-proof IP-based media production solutions on the market. Through its project, OBjective 2020, EMG aims to change the concept of outside broadcasting by designing an IP based scalable and modular workflow.

Built around small data centres that can be mobile, fixed or hosted, EMG is aiming to provide solutions anywhere in the world it is needed, to be used as an OB-truck, as a build-out, or for remote production, and in any size from standard HD productions up to the biggest UHD multi-venue event.

Ronald Meyvisch, CTO of Euro Media Group, told SVG Europe: “EMG is building a very advanced IP production solution which is modular and scalable, in order to serve production requirements of any size, anywhere and anyhow. SDNsquare’s GRID controller is our chosen solution for quick and automated configuration of an IP infrastructure. It allows us to fully exploit the network thanks to stable and optimal network management. Intelligent network management is key when it comes to large and high resolution live production set ups.”

He added: “We see OBjective2020 as our production infrastructure for many years to come. The IP management herein will remain a key factor for optimal performance. SDNsquare has a long lasting track record in IP management of media archives. With EMG’s knowledge of live production set ups, they can extend their product range towards this new fast growing business.”

François-Charles Bideaux, co-CEO of EMG, added: “This partnership will enable us to better serve our client’s needs and offer them flexible solutions they have never been able to experience before. SDNsquare’s Grid controller software maximises the capacity of the network and guarantees optimal bandwidth control, enabling EMG to design reliable and cost effective IP production solutions to perfectly meet the requirements of content creators.”

Henry Alexander, CEO at SDNsquare, said: “I am excited about EMG subscribing to this capital increase of SDNsquare and about the partnership. This provides a strong basis to build on the momentum SDNsquare has gained with our solutions at EMG. This partnership will allow us to further develop our products and benefit from working with a knowledgeable partner in EMG to meet the demands of the industry.”

SDNsquare’s clients, typically in media environments, require networks that are reliable, predictable and easy to manage. In a world that is moving rapidly to IP, SDNsquare’s Grid media controller enables the automatic management and configuration of an IP media network, with guaranteed data flows or media flows.

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