Evertz enhances viewer experience at Super Bowl 50

Evertz reports that it enhanced the in-stadium fan experience for Super Bowl 50 attendees by successfully delivering 4K replay to the LED video boards throughout the Levi’s Stadium. The 6 in 1 out Evertz 4K DreamCatcher replay system and IP infrastructure solutions were the backbone of the stadium’s 4K broadcast configuration.

Levi’s Stadium had a total of seven DreamCatcher systems, three of which were 10GbE Double Density DreamCatcher-458D devices networked together via 10GbE. 4K UHD content was captured from existing in-house cameras and delivered via 10GbE infrastructure from the SSCBS truck.

“In true Evertz fashion, we successfully pushed video technology to the very edge once again,” Mark Vinten, Evertz senior sales manager.

Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment Productions (VWSE), industry leaders in videoboard and live event productions, were responsible for delivering the in-stadium production of Super Bowl 50. With over 30 years of experience and expertise overseeing the Super Bowl in-venue production, VWSE are seasoned veterans when it comes to producing the ultimate fan experience.

“We utilised the Evertz DreamCatcher 4K replay system extensively during this year’s Super Bowl. The ease of use and flexibility of the system allowed us to provide enhanced multi-angle replays with Pinch and Zoom capabilities,” says Bob Becker, executive vice-president VWSE Productions. “By using the DreamCatcher system, it afforded us the opportunity to give fans a look that is not normally seen in stadiums and arenas. I can’t say enough about the Evertz system, their support and most importantly their people. I look forward to our next event and any opportunity to use their system.”

By utilising the 10GbE DreamCatcher network, the production team was able to build the six input UHD system to be easily controlled by one operator. The main benefit of this setup was the ability for the operator to scroll through every UHD angle at the same moment before choosing the definitive angle to zoom in on, in order to give fans the most exciting view of the play.

“Using DreamCatcher’s touch based interface, the Super Bowl operator was able to accurately pan, scan and zoom on any UHD angle in a matter of seconds,” said Nima Malekmanesh, Evertz product marketing manager and sr engineer – DreamCatcher. “We were able to get a number of fantastic looks that would have been impossible to show using a traditional HD system.”

With this customisable touch interface, 4K capabilities, and the ability to network DreamCatcher across a 10GbE connection, the Evertz system allowed operators to control and enhance the fan experience.

“Evertz gave me the opportunity to showcase my expertise at the biggest sporting event of the year. The 6×1 4K DreamCatcher station was by far the best replay system I’ve used. Before Super Bowl 50, I had only worked on 4K machines that had two inputs, so being able to control six angles gave me four more chances to perform my job at the highest level. The extra inputs made my workstation useful on practically every snap,” explains Sean Rainey, freelance replay operator at Super Bowl 50. “We showed dropped passes, fumbles, and interceptions. Also, by utilizing DreamCatcher’s Play Tracker for Zoom, I was able to quickly create a keyframe sequence to isolate one of the linebackers and track his movements from snap to sack. With DreamCatcher’s technology, I get to show fans what they really want to see.”

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