Evertz Targets Brave New IP World With Latest SDVN Solutions

Evertz continued down the path to an IP world at NAB this year, rolling out a parade of SDVN (Software Defined Video Networking) 10GE solutions at the show. The SDVN architecture, which is built around a 10Gbps Ethernet core, promises a flexible format agnostic infrastructure that supports 4K and 8K video.

Evertz SDVN products on display included EXE and IPX 10GE switch fabrics, the 3000REM top of rack video capture devices, the DreamCatcher 10GE enabled instant replay, and the VIP10G multi-image display processor. SDVN is powered by MAGNUM, Evertz control system, which enables operators to use the same familiar work surfaces while taking advantage of video over IP.

Lyon_Truck_ImageA variety of these technologies were on display as part of Lyon Video’s “Truck of the Future” on hand in the Outdoor Exhibit area at the show. The truck is built around an Evertz IPX 10GE switch fabric offering more than 1Tb/s switching capacity. All baseband video is being converted to IP at the boundaries of the truck using Evertz flexible IPG gateway products, which encapsulates SDI video over Ethernet in accordance to the SMPTE 2022-6 standard. To provide seamless IP connectivity throughout the truck, Lyon Video has deployed Evertz 10GE enabled DreamCatcher replay systems, Evertz UDX-10G up/down/cross conversion platforms and Evertz VIP-10G multi-viewers.

On Heels of ESPN Deployment, EXE Arrives at NAB
EXE FrontFollowing the deployment of two EXE’s at ESPN, Evertz will be showcasing the massive 46Tb/s EXE Video/Data Switch Fabric platform at NAB 2014. Featuring up to 46Tb/s of switching capacity and supporting 2304 10GE ports per single chassis the EXE is at the core of Evertz’ 10GE SDVN – Software Defined Video Networking solution.

In 40RU, the EXE can seamlessly switch 13,800 video services, eclipsing anything available today. Evertz also offers the IPX series with 320Gbps up to 1.2Tb/s switch capacity in compact modular form factor. The EXE & IPX have been carefully designed to handle the demands of live 4K & 8K video, and make the switching of video over Ethernet not only possible but as reliable and deterministic as a traditional SDI router.

Through its intelligent utilization of extreme bandwidth switching the EXE Platform will allow service operators to unleash the true potential of their 10GE /100GE IP-Ethernet network. Evertz’ SDVN solution with EXE provides unprecedented scalability, highly efficient workflows, and a reduction in capital and operational costs.

Remote Hybrid Interface Platform for 10GE
As part of Evertz SDVN 10GE solution, the 3000REM REMote Hybrid Interface platform was introduced at NAB 2014. The 3000REM forms the optimal SDI interface access points for next generation Hybrid Baseband / IP broadcast infrastructures. With direct conversion of 9 signals from electrical to optical and direct mezzanine compression via JPEG2000, the REM series delivers unparalleled processing densities.

Remote-HybridThe 3000REM platform features Evertz third generation ultra-low latency, high-density JPEG2000 codec technology over 10GE. The platform also provides per input Audio and Video Monitoring (AVM), auto-timing, time stamped Ethernet outputs, multi-resolution JPEG2000 streaming outputs.

Evertz new 3000REM has been developed to offer massive cable reduction in an economical size and price. A single REM can eliminate up to ten traditional SDI cables all while only occupying a single rack unit.

10GE Visualization Solutions
Visualization - VIP-10G_image
At NAB 2014 Evertz showcased its 10GE Visualization solution. To round out their SDVN solution Evertz introduced the VIP10G and 2430RX-J2K-IP monitoring products.

The new VIP-10G Advanced Multi-Image Display Processor offers multiviewer functionality with up to 32 inputs and up to 2 outputs, all via 10GE. The VIP-10G is based off the industry leading VIP series and inherits key features such as automatic aspect ratio adjustment, graticule generation, audio level bar graphs, signal fault indication and under monitoring display.

Evertz also  showcased the 2430RX-J2K-IP, a versatile video over IP to HDMI/DVI gateway. This self contained module decodes JPEG2000 with the ability to scale and drive resolutions up to WUXGA.

In combination, these two products deliver a powerful monitoring solution where the VIP10G is the multi-image display processor and the 2430RX-J2K-IP provides connectivity to displays over IP. This all IP solution offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for monitoring and control room applications.

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