Exploring Telerecord’s new Unit 22 Full HD OB (part 2)

In the second of a two-part feature, SVG Europe continues to explore the specification and capabilities of a major new OB facility developed by Florence-based company Telerecord. The latest in a long line of highly-specified trucks, Unit 22 Full HD OB 5 features a body framework by Rescar and implementation courtesy of Aret.

Giovanni Bertini of Telerecord emphasises the painstaking efforts made with each new OB vehicle: “Whoever invests in our mobile production units does not buy a vehicle based on projects developed on paper, but a ‘real’ OB-van based on updated quality parameters, the most up-to-date operating functions and reliability which are possible today.”

The “book-shaped” floor constitutes the special closing system which allows Unit 22 to handle the expansion process with great simplicity. It is based on an automated contraction that allows the floor to open and close by itself after the two secondary control room desks have integrated.

The wide availability of space on board, enabled by the double expansion, allows the incorporation of three operating areas. Beside the workspace hosting the Sony video mixer, there is a second area for the authors and production assistants, and a third bank that houses the slow motion operators.

Giovanni Lorini, Telerecord technical director, reveals: “We did not use a multiviewer, since they are already integrated in the same monitors that offer a quad-split or full-screen. This is to lessen the risk of failure. The choices were obviously made according to the budget. All recording formats available today are available on board.”

A total of four recording machines has been provided, and the primary format is the X-DCAM. Slow motion is exeucted on three BLT (replaceable with any other brand products), six channels each, for a total of 18 channels on the network.

For the instrumentation and audio monitoring CMN-LA by Harris was preferred for the completeness and quality of the worktools offered. These allow the user to control the loudness, the decoding of Dolby E, management of the analogue inputs, etc. Meanwhile, for the video monitoring Tektronix equipment was selected. One important note is that the whole system of control and settings, and distribution on this vehicle is managed by software from a single interface.

To conclude, here is a rundown of the primary equipment onboard Unit 22 number five by Telerecord. Video: Sony HDC 2500 10 TV cameras, each configurable as SuperMotion 2X; video mixer 3G Sony MVS 7000, 60 inputs 20 outputs; production monitor Wall Vu-trix up to 80 sources; Kroma Quad Split; matrix 3G video Snell Sirius 128 multi-input 192 output; 3 HDR BLT Sms 4U six recording channels, each on the network; 2 +2 VTR HD Cam / XD Cam. Distribution by 3G Ross, cross converter, mux, DA, AD, VDA, 4 frame syncronizer FOR-A FA 9500. Control Toolbox Tektronix WVR 7200. DI system Tally / TSL UnderMonitor TM 1.

Audio: audio mixer Yamaha CL. 5, 72 analogue in, 40 analogue out, 24-in AES, 32-out AES with Rio 32240 interfaces; auxiliary audio mixer Yamaha AES-01; audio matrix E8U Snell Pixys 36 inputs 36 outs. Audio distribution Ross, intercom System Eclipse 48 ch. Instrument control audio loudness Harris CMN-LA. Commenting system, phone hybrids, GSM, ISDN links.

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