F&F Productions implements 4K HDR with Evertz

Evertz has announced the launch of F&F Production’s latest mobile truck, which is enabled for native 4K HDR production with a complete Evertz infrastructure solution. F&F Productions, a leader in mobile event production including major league sports, network series and entertainment specials, live concerts, and large-scale corporate events for Fortune 500 companies has launched GTX-18, its latest mobile event production truck, which is outfitted for 4K HDR event production with a comprehensive Evertz solution.

GTX-18 was conceived to natively handle 4K HDR production throughout the entire workflow from acquisition to production to distribution. GTX-18 leverages an SDI infrastructure with an Evertz EQX 26 560×1134 SDI router and EMR 192×192 audio router at its core. Evertz’ EQX/EMR routing solution was ideal for GTX-18 with their robust, flexible architectures which enable audio and video routing for both HD and 4K HDR productions. In addition, GTX-18 is utilizing Evertz’ 7814UDX-4K for Up/Down/Cross conversion tasks, simplifying signal processing and conversion within GTX-18’s production environment. Signal distribution around the routing core is handled by Evertz 7812DDA2Q downconverting distribution amplifiers with synchronization and timing managed by Evertz’ 5601MSC Master Clock System. The 5601MSC is a fully integrated timing platform that generates all the synchronization signals required in a mobile production facility like GTX-18.

GTX-18 also leverages Evertz’ VistaLINK PRO network management system as well as Evertz’ MAGNUM control and orchestration platform for optimizing operational workflows.

“Mobile event production is an extremely demanding environment requiring a reliable and robust infrastructure,” said vice-president engineering Bill McKechney. “Our client’s requirements necessitated that GTX-18 be enabled with a native 4K HDR end-to end-workflow. Evertz’ 4K HDR routing and processing solution exceeded our expectations and enabled us to meet the critical requirements of our clients. We look forward to working with Evertz on future projects.”

“Evertz offers a number of different solutions for both SDI and IP based 4K and HDR applications,” said Michael Lewis, product manager, modular products at Evertz Technologies Limited. “F&F Productions is at the forefront of 4K and HDR mobile event production and GTX-18 is one of the industry’s most advanced mobile event production trucks with an end-to-end 4K HDR workflow. We were pleased to be able to partner with F&F productions and congratulate them on the launch of GTX-18.”

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