SVG Europe Audio: First speakers for Future Audio Forum include University Darmstadt, Dolby, Salsa Sound, and Jünger Audio

Speakers from University Darmstadt, Dolby, Salsa Sound, and Jünger Audio are among the first to be announced for the Future Audio Forum: Personalisation, intelligibility and accessibility.

SVG Europe Audio’s next event of the year, taking place live online on 13 June at 3pm (UK time), will see a discussion exploring areas from object-based audio and IP, to artificial intelligence (AI) and DTC streaming.

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Consumers no longer have to settle with a one-size-fits-all approach to sports broadcasting audio. Technologies are in place for providers to deliver more personalisation, better intelligibility, and accessibility for all, which means the sports broadcasting industry needs to step up and deliver.

Setting the scene, Rupert Brun, audio innovator at Brun Audio Consulting, will give a short presentation titled Enhancing Accessibility: Utilising Audio Objects for Neurodiverse Audiences. This will explore the potential for audio objects to benefit the neurodivergent audience, in addition to the known benefits for those with visual and hearing impairments.

For the panel discussion chaired by SVG Europe Audio’s Roger Charlesworth, Brun will be joined by audio expert and Professor for Broadcast Production and System Design at University Darmstadt, Germany, Felix Krückels, Tim Carroll, Dolby Laboratories’ senior director for AV ecosystem, Americas, Rob Oldfield, co-founder and CEO at Salsa Sound, and Roman Rehausen, Jünger Audio head of product management, who will talk about what Jünger has done and plans to enable with object-based audio productions using its S-ADM tools.

Object-based audio is the key, while NGA codecs, S-ADM, IP transport, AI and the transition to DTC streaming are all enabling technologies that come together in potentially supporting new consumer audio and video experiences.

Our panel will discuss how all these technologies are changing the way we capture and deliver broadcast audio, and how on its five-year anniversary, Serial ADM has become the metadata format which unlocks the door to a range of NGA projects. We will be asking what the sticking points are, how far away we are from wider adoption, and which broadcasters already have a toe in the water.

With object-based audio giving broadcasters the creative freedom to generate different audio experiences for different customers, we will discuss what the impact of this is on sound mixers, and how AI can help ease the pain. Our panel will also be examining why the consumer should care, and how personalisation might amplify engagement for sports broadcasters.#

More speakers will be announced soon.

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