Football Production Summit: Inside Imagina and Mediapro with Zumelzu, Margenat

Two very important presentations have been added to the programme for SVG Europe’s Football Production Summit 2015 in Barcelona on 17 March. A top-level view of technical services provision to the broadcast industry — including production, post, playout and transmission – will be presented by Louis Zumelzu, Chief Executive Officer of Imagina France, the French subsidiary of Mediapro. Zumelzu has also been General Manager of Euro Media France and CEO of Video Communication France. He was previously in charge of international development and strategy at Globecast.

Zumelzu’s presentation will be followed on the 17 March programme by Mauro Margenat, Managing Director of Mediapro Automatic TV & VirtualArena. Barcelona-based Mediapro has leveraged its work in sports analytics for clubs (using its Mediacoach system) to provide a second screen app, VirtualArena, now in use in Spanish football’s top two divisions. Additionally a new Mediapro method of low cost sports production and distribution that is software-driven, AutomaticTV, is being trialled by football giant FC Barcelona. The Spanish production giant is right at the forefront of artificial intelligence, video analysis and player tracking for the international football arena.

Mediapro is the leading Spanish technical services supplier to the audiovisual sector. The company produces and distributes audio-visual content, administers and distributes sporting events, is a film and interactive content producer, and a supplier of post-production services. Established in 1994, the Mediapro Group merged with Globomedia Group in 2006, and together with WPP they formed the Imagina Group — today Europe’s leading multimedia content supplier with a 3,450-strong workforce and a turnover in the region of 1,387 million euros in 2013. Mediapro is also involved in technical engineering, transmission services, communications and marketing consultancy and advertising trading as well as design and post-production services for themed television channels.

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