Football Summit 2020: Sky Sports speakers announced for ‘Inside the re-start of the Premier League’

SVG Europe is pleased to announce the speakers for the Football Summit 2020 session titled, ‘Flying High: Inside the re-start of the Premier League on Sky Sports’, taking place on 18 June from 3pm (UK time).

Marking the re-start of the Premier League season, three speakers – Laurence Cawsey, senior director at Sky Sports, Jena Mihalovic, technical operations project lead at Sky Sports, and Kevin Ramsey, director of studios at Sky Production Services – will provide a comprehensive overview of how Sky Sports has worked to get football back on air.

Cawsey will have directed the Manchester City v Arsenal match on 17 June, the night before the event, as well as helping to plan the broadcast of the other game being shown on the same evening, Aston Villa v Sheffield United.

This will be the first time a Premier League game has been directed from Sky Studios, and Cawsey will be sharing his first-hand experience of that landmark occasion the next day on 18 June at the SVG Europe Football Summit online.

Cawsey will be joined by Ramsey and Mihalovic. Ramsey has been key in making sure staff protocols at Sky Sports and Sky Production Services are set up to ensure crew safety on site and at Sky Studios, while Mihalovic has been directly involved in setting up the technical production of the broadcast as well as Sky Studios’ new remote set up.

The discussion, chaired by SVG Europe editor, Heather McLean, will begin at 4:45pm UK time on 18 June.

Football Summit 2020 (18 June 2020, 3pm UK time) will explore how sports broadcasters are attacking the re-started football season and beyond as matches are played behind closed doors and with strict health and safety regulations in place.

The event will cover what is happening right now in the German Bundesliga, Poland’s Ekstraklasa and the English Premier League and how the situation might evolve in the future.

It will also feature various presentations from relevant technology providers, highlighting how their systems, services and innovations can support media companies, clubs and leagues when broadcasting live football behind closed doors.

Football Summit 2020 will be streamed live and will include various opportunities to ask questions of speakers. An accompanying Zoom ‘watch along’ will be arranged in order to allow delegates to share experiences and discuss the subject matter.

Access to all aspects of Football Summit 2020 follows the same principle as our regular events which are open to qualifying members and SVG Europe sponsors only.

To find out more and to register visit: Football Summit 2020


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