FOR-A delivers 4K super-slow-motion camera

FOR-A will present many new products that expand its range of vision mixers, multiviewers, frame-rate converters, file-based solutions, specialist cameras, and more. They also expand capabilities for file-based operations.

For those seeking higher image resolution, the new FT-ONE is a full 4K super slow-motion camera. With a FOR-A-developed high-sensitivity CMOS colour sensor, it captures images at up to 1,000fps, and replays 4096×2160 film-look ‘super slomo’ video. The global shutter ensures capturing split-second movement in detail and without shutter distortion.

FT-ONE stores its raw uncompressed images to the internal 8.5-second RAM. This data is then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges. Each cartridge can store 75 seconds of full 4K images, enabling up to 150 seconds with the maximum of two SSD cartridges. The FT-ONE can simultaneously record and playback in full 4K. Two outputs are presented as 4K via four 1080p HD-SDI outputs, and two down-converted HD-SDI versions for live viewing and the control menu.

Also on display, the HVS-390HS is the latest compact, cost-effective vision mixer from FOR-A. Available in 1 M/E and 2 M/E versions, it includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight outputs (expandable to 24 inputs and 13 outputs), with frame synchronizers for all inputs. Built-in resizing engines on four inputs allow mixing HD, SD, and PC sources. Two chroma keyers and four keyers per M/E are standard. All keyers have 2.5D DVE and there are two 3D DVEs (for background and keyer) for each M/E. The switcher includes stores for up to 480 video frames and up to 100 events.

High quality motion-compensated frame-rate conversion is now available in a compact form either with the new 1-RU, half-width FRC-30 or as the UFM-30FRC card for a UF rack frame that places many converters in one box. These HD/SD converters that provide high quality motion-compensated frame-rate conversion also support up/down/cross conversion of 1080i, 720p, NTSC, and PAL at a variety of frame rates for HD/SD-SDI and analogue composite signals.

FOR-A will also showcase the new MV-1620HS Multi Viewer, which supports mixed inputs of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and analogue composite video. This compact, cost-effective unit supports 16 inputs with embedded audio-level display to 16 channels per input, and title display to 16 characters per input. The two clocks can display countdown and remaining time. MV-1620HS stores up to 16 layout patterns and PC software makes it easy to create screen layouts.

The company’s file-based product range expands with the new LTS-50 storage device that archives media files to LTO-5 high-capacity tape, regardless of file format, via a network connection. Using LTFS (linear tape file system) it records video on tape as files and enables reading and writing files from PCs via FTP. It can provide data backup that does not require video I/O, and archives of nonlinear editing materials for reuse. Adding an external LTO drive, it can create originals and duplicates. Control can be via FOR-A’s LTR Browser software, and another optional proxy generator can automatically create proxy files and thumbnails when archiving MXF files.

FOR-A’s SmartDirect is an all-in-one live production system. Powered by a Brainstorm graphics engine and FOR-A’s MBP-1244 video processor, the PC-based system delivers high-end graphics and uses templates and automated playlists to dramatically simplify video production workflows.

SmartDirect can key Brianstorm 2D or 3D graphics over background video, or output key and fill signals for an external mix. It includes production templates that generate a programme playlist and a material template. In production, SmartDirect implements all operations by following the playlist, while allowing any on-the-fly changes. Adding a video-switcher link connects SmartDirect with a FOR-A switcher, such as the HVS-300HS or HVS-350HS, to deliver more elaborate graphics, wipes, and effects. Add an MBP-12CK chromakeyer and it delivers virtual-set capabilities with VRCAM-S software. More build-out possibilities are available to enhance any live event, webcast, or studio production with graphics or virtual sets, and to simplify productions using limited personnel.

The DCC-7000 is a high-end digital colour corrector and grader. Based on FOR-A’s state-of-the-art primary RGB (3-axis) colour correction technology, the DCC-7000 provides real-time, high-precision, 12-axis colour correction – allowing operators to finely adjust specific colours without affecting others. It is designed for colour matching, colour grading, and special effects and includes many features to aide fast and accurate operation such as the colour vector display of inputs and outputs, proc amp controls and 100-event memory. It operates with all widely used SD and HD digital TV formats and includes a 16-channel embedded audio bypass to maintain A/V continuity. Control is available at the front panel as well as from a dedicated operator panel.

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