Formula 1 comes to SportTech to talk OTT and eSports alongside Tata Communications

Formula 1 is appearing at SportTech 2018 to discuss how the organisation is going over the top (OTT) with its new eSports strategy. ‘Taking F1 OTT: F1 on its new approach to building the next generation of fans’, is taking a close up look at how F1 is taking OTT by the horns with the new F1 ESports Series that relies on OTT live TV to engage viewers and is now in its first year of production after a successful trial season in 2017.

In this session, Julian Tan, head of digital growth and eSports at F1, talks with SVG Europe’s Heather McLean on why F1 is embracing OTT and eSports, from the need for increased audience engagement to targeting new markets and developing the next generation of F1 fans, to how F1 is using technology to its advantage. Meanwhile, Tata Communications’ Martyn McKenna, director of media delivery, will also be on stage to discuss the technical side of creating an OTT app for this giant organisation, following the launch of the OTT F1 app in February this year.

Tata Communications has been the Official Connectivity Provider of Formula 1 since 2012, enabling the sport to reach its half a billion fans globally, and paving the way for the digital transformation of F1. Tata Communications brings the racing action to people’s homes worldwide through 20-plus broadcasters. It hosts the official website,, which today serves 44.2 million unique users.  

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