FutureSport 2016: Innovation and frequency challenges for RF cameras in sports

SVGE_FUTURESPORT2016logo700pxThe build-up to SVG Europe’s FutureSport event at Chelsea FC on November 30 continues with speaker confirmations for our unique ‘Wireless Cameras: Innovation, Frequency and 4K Challenges’ session. Already on board are Stephane Alessandri, AMP Visual TV; Bruno Gallais, Euromedia; Mark Houghton, Broadcast RF; and Martin Sexton from Presteigne Broadcast Hire. The session will be helmed by senior SVG Europe contributor David Fox.

It will examine the latest innovations in wireless camera systems and transmission/reception for live sports broadcasting. How are RF camera systems transforming the experience and pushing the boundaries for the production’s needs? What are the toughest frequency co-ordination and spectrum planning challenges ahead? And as 4K live sports TV production rapidly increases across Europe, how are the additional challenges of sending and receiving live 4K UHD pictures currently being met?

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