Genelec renews SVG Europe Gold Sponsorship to “keep abreast of developments in broadcast tech”

“Being part of SVG Europe helps us to keep abreast of developments in broadcast technology and workflow, and regularly meet face to face with some extremely well qualified broadcast professionals,” said Howard Jones, marketing director at Genelec, on why the company has again renewed fits Gold Sponsorship of SVG Europe.

Italy’s ARET was one of the early adopters of Genelec’s product series, The Ones, fitting an OB truck with the 8331 point source monitors

Genelec’s close connections with the broadcast industry go right back to the original founding of the company in 1978. Its first loudspeaker, the S30, was designed for the Finnish national broadcaster, YLE.

Added Jones: “Much has changed in the world of broadcast since then… The quality of delegates at the SVG Europe events we’ve attended has been truly impressive, and the events give us an opportunity to find out where broadcasters see the industry heading, and they allow us the chance to present our perspective as a manufacturer too.”

He went on: “Since the principle motivation for all our loudspeaker designs is to solve a problem for the customer, the better we understand the needs of broadcast professionals, the better our loudspeakers are likely to be, so renewing our membership of SVG Europe helps us to retain a close link with those professionals that are so important to us.”

Howard Jones, marketing director, Genelec

Jones said the reason that Genelec has continued to be an active, global loudspeaker brand stems from YLE’s original design brief for the S30 back in the 1970’s.

He noted: “They demanded a loudspeaker that would provide an extremely reliable reference, could adapt to the room’s acoustic environment, and would deliver years of trouble-free service with unrivalled levels of support, and we remain true to those original principles.

“But these days broadcast engineers are having to work fast with ever more complex audio formats, and often in very small spaces. So having a compact, neutral, reliable loudspeaker that can be optimised for even challenging acoustic spaces has become more important than ever!,” he concluded.

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