Gepco demos fiber and low-smoke, zero-halogen solutions

Gepco International is showcasing a full line of fiber solutions as well as their Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) Audio and Video cables for the European market,

Gepco Brand fiber system products bring the optical clarity and reliability required for high-bandwidth data transmission in television, video production, staging, outdoor broadcast, and professional audio applications. Engineered and manufactured to high standards, Gepco’s hybrid fiber distribution systems and cable assemblies, along with comprehensive cable and connector options, provide a turn-key optical solution.

The extensive range of Gepco fiber distribution system products—including breakout racks, boxes, and panels, often featuring modular or expandable designs with multiple connection choices—can solve any cable connection or installation issue presented. Gepco also offers a wide array of fiber optic cable assemblies including the Neutrik opticalCON, Amphenol TAC-4 and TAC-12, LEMO SMTPE 304 hybrid fiber camera cable assemblies, ST/SC/LC multi-mode or single-mode snakes, indoor permanent installation cable assemblies, and tactical and portable-use cable assemblies.

All of Gepco’s fiber cable assemblies are factory-terminated by Gepco and feature precision machine-polished contacts, which offer UPC quality to achieve –55dB typical return loss specifications. This process helps to attain excellent optical clarity and alignment, reducing back reflection and minimizing insertion loss. For further transmission assurance, all assemblies and distribution systems are 100% tested and verified for consistent performance and feature premium quality connectors and components.

In addition to the many fiber solutions available, Gepco provides a line of LSZH Audio and Video cables for use where safety is critical in the event of a fire. Gepco LSZH cables deliver high quality while complying with IEC and RoHS standards.

In the event of a fire, a building’s electrical wiring can act as a vehicle to propagate the fire hazard from area to area. The fire damages account for a high level of replacement costs each and every year, associated with both structural replacements and the provision of damaged equipment and cabling, particularly since conventional cable manufacturing materials, such as PVC, exhibit burning characteristics that produce dense black smoke and harmful halogens. These halogens—chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine—result in corrosive acid when they come in contact with water.

The materials used by Gepco in their range of cables are halogen-free, and when subjected to flames, will emit low levels of smoke. These features help ensure that a safe evacuation of people may be undertaken, and that exit routes remain visible at all times during a fire. Maintaining visibility also allows firefighters to reach the source of the flames quickly and efficiently, therefore, ensuring that systems and equipment can be brought under control and shutdown with minimal delay.

“Our Gepco Brand LSZH cables are jacketed using advanced compounds that offer flame resistance, low-smoke production and reduced toxicity,” said Brad Pope, General Cable’s Director of Technical Services, Gepco Brand Products. “With fewer toxic chemicals, our cables offer a reduced environmental impact and are easier to dispose of than other forms of cabling.”

The LSZH cables can be used with the same connectors as other Gepco Brand cables and meet the following flame performance standards:

•     IEC 60332-3-24 Flame Propagation

•     IEC 61034-1, -2, 2005-4 Smoke Emission

•     IEC 60754-2 Corrosivity and Acid Gas Emission

Currently, the Gepco LSZH offering is comprised of seven solutions, including:

•     Four cables for video applications – Low Loss RG6 High-Definition SDI Coax (VSD2001LS), Standard RG59 High-Definition SDI Coax (VPM2000LS), Miniature High-Definition SDI Coax (VDM230LS), and Extended-Distance RG11 High-Definition SDI Coax (VHD1100LS)

•     Three cables for audio applications – Standard Easy-Strip Single-Pair (61801EZLS), Thin Profile 110Ω Single-Pair (DS601LS), and Wide Bandwidth 110Ω Single-Pair (DS401LS)

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