Glasses free 3D gets that step closer

iPONT International, a specialist in the glasses-free 3D market, and SES Astra will partner to demonstrate ‘live’ 3D broadcasts on glasses-free 3DTV technology on SESs stand 1.B51. The demo aims to prove that without-glasses 3DTV technologies have reached a level of maturity and quality acceptable to the consumer market.

“The quality of glasses-free 3DTV technologies have been hampered by viewing angles, depth, resolution and real-time imagery issues with few yet to deliver that premium-viewing experience,” explained Thomas Wrede, VP Reception Systems SES ASTRA. “iPONT’s maturing technology is an intriguing development and its progress has been impressive making us confident that glasses-free 3DTV for the home is going with us in the not too distant future.”

On the market realisation of glasses-free 3DTV, Tamas Vahl, global director iPONT International said: “Major TV operators know that for 3D to truly go mainstream glasses-free 3DTV needs to happen sooner rather than later. Once that conundrum is solved then it will make it easier for pay-TV operators to sell 3D TV to the consumer and to programme makers, which we expect to drive the next wave of top-tier HD programming.”


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