Globecast renews Gold Sponsorship at SVG Europe to support the sports broadcast market

Globecast has renewed its Gold Sponsorship of SVG Europe so that it can stay in touch with the “constantly growing” sports broadcasting marketplace.

Globecast increased its work with rights holders and the organisers of the 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations

Commented Juliet Walker, chief marketing officer, Globecast: “Sports Video Group Europe – alongside its US counterpart – is a powerful organisation in the sports broadcast arena and we’re very pleased to renew our membership. There are no two ways about it, the sports sector is a constantly growing marketplace and in terms of technology, constantly requiring innovation.

“2019 has seen us use our vast experience to across the sports sector, extending our relationship with the organisers and rights holders of the Total Africa Cup of Nations, bringing the 2019 event to the world. This included 4K in the opening and final matches, as well as VOD content preparation and storage,” noted Walker.

At IBC 2019, the company launched Globecast Managed Cloud Network (Globecast MCN).

Said Walker: “This is a response to pressures across the sports broadcasting market to be able to deliver specific or different feeds, cost-effectively, that affiliates can select, rather than having to deliver all feeds to all affiliates. This activity means that our membership of SVG Europe is more valuable than ever.”

Globecast helps customers to manage content and to deliver it wherever however and whenever required. The company provides agile and seamless content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric new services.

The company has created a global hybrid fibre and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. It delivers any type of video service including TV everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video-on-demand, using CDNs and cloud-enabled media solutions. It supplies content acquisition, aggregation and distribution (CAAD) services to over 250 networks.

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