Goalplay uses MX1 content management and CDN services to deliver soccer coverage

MX1, a global solutions provider of media services, has announced that Goalplay is using MX1’s content management solution and CDN services. Goalplay, founded by world-famous former goalkeeper, football expert, and entrepreneur Oliver Kahn, helps soccer enthusiasts in Germany discover soccer content — including expert analyses, training, and instructional videos for fans and players — across a wide range of online offerings. Thanks to the reliability of MX1’s content management and CDN services, Goalplay can securely deliver content to a wide range of digital outlets, including its TV app, OTT 24/7 channels, online outlets, and social media channels.

“With MX1, we have now found a partner to help us manage the content for our website and apps in the best way,” said Kahn. “MX1 unifies our content management and distribution operations, saving us time and money, and allowing our staff to focus on more important tasks at hand, like content development.”

Goalplay is using the MX1 360 content management platform to manage all of the company’s complex content distribution, including for the web and apps, throughout the entire content lifecycle, from production to delivery. The MX1 360 platform features a user-friendly web interface that allows Goalplay’s team to access its content anytime, anywhere. Part of MX1’s responsibility is managing metadata for all files. Files are prepared to ensure delivery in any format. MX1’s CDN services optimize the distribution of content, making sure it gets to end users in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

“Goalplay chose MX1 because we are experts in content management and CDN services, and provide reliable data protection, especially for broadcasting and sports content,” said Christoph Mühleib, managing director at Astra Deutschland, the company responsible for marketing and sales of Astra and MX1 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “By streamlining Goalplay’s content management and distribution, MX1 helps increase its profitability and cost savings.”

Kahn, who is also the CEO of Goalplay, will be at Sportel 2017 in Monaco to talk about the collaboration in MX1’s stand J11 on Oct. 24th at 3 p.m.

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