Gold for Globecast as it renews its SVG Europe sponsorship

Globecast recently agreed a multi-year, multi-sport partnership with Infront
Photo: Marvin Ibo GŸngšr/Infront

Globecast, which provides agile content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, has renewed its Gold sponsorship of SVG Europe.

The company, which has a history of innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric services, has created a leading global hybrid fibre and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. It delivers any type of video service, including TV Everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video-on-demand, using CDNs and cloud-enabled media solutions. In all, it supplies content acquisition, aggregation and distribution (CAAD) services to over 250 networks.

A major customer win for Globecast in the past year is a multi-year, multi-sport partnership with Infront. As part of that deal, the company provided global distribution services to Infront for the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, held in Riga, Latvia.

Globecast provided all of the encoding and connectivity from the site for the contribution path back to London via fibre, along with international distribution of the world feed. Onsite, encoding and monitoring solutions were provided across two diverse stadiums in Riga, allowing for full diversity and disaster recovery while adapting to COVID protocols. Globecast engineers were was able to provide duel and diverse MCRs, not only for all the feeds going out but also the return global distribution feeds so that Infront could see what their customers were receiving. The feeds were sent to the UK for onwards distribution using Globecast’s teleport infrastructure.

On the decision to return as a Gold sponsor, Valéry Bonneau, internal and external communication director, Globecast, said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, one thing the pandemic has shown us is the importance of sport to so many – both playing and watching. It’s been brilliant to see how our sector has responded, with both innovation and determination to the fore; and Globecast has played a key role.

“SVG Europe – alongside its US counterpart – is a powerful organisation in the sports broadcast arena and we’re very pleased to renew our membership. It’s a brilliant resource for sports broadcasting content and genuinely takes an in-depth look at key issues, educating the market.”

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