Guest Comment: Snell Advanced Media’s Kevin O’Meara on the possible impact of Brexit

The decision by the UK electorate to vote in favour of leaving the European Union on June 23 continues to cause uncertainty and trepidation on both local and international levels. Currency fluctuations and possible implications for administrative issues and operational costs mean that many in the creative industries have delivered a concerned response to the change – although with the all-important Article 50 still yet to be ‘triggered’, the actual point of departure seems increasingly distant.

SVG Europe asked a number of vendors, broadcast service providers and other interested parties to give their reaction to Brexit. In the first of an occasional series, Kevin O’Meara – head of marketing communications at Snell Advanced Media (SAM) – suggests that it is those companies who are able to keep pace with customer requirements who will fare best in the post-Brexit era.

“There will always be a demand by broadcasters globally to capture and share video content of major sporting events – something that is not going to change following the Brexit decision,” he says.

“So whilst a market need remains, vendors and OB companies will continue to play a vital role in delivering high quality content. In a technical industry, the quality of service vendors offer and the significance of their product range will more likely determine which succeed as a business. With exchange rates fluctuating, we might also see an influx of investment from companies outside of the EU, who are looking to maximise current opportunities. For all businesses, success will come down to staying close to customers who aim to continue to meet the need for innovation in a constantly evolving market.”

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