Hybrid reports ‘strong interest’ in robotic camera heads

Hybrid, a leading provider of real-time graphics and robotic camera systems, reports that its CABSAT 2013 exhibit generated strong interest in a product line that includes virtual studio solutions, robotic camera heads and virtual studio controllers.

“The broadcast market in the Middle East region is experiencing tremendous growth,” says Olivier Cohen, CEO, Hybrid. “With many new TV networks and stations coming into the market, broadcasters are striving to produce high-quality content to fill their channels and attract viewers. There is strong demand for virtual studio technology there because it enables lean staffs to present live content in a compelling, cost-effective way.”

At CABSAT 2013, Hybrid conducted a demonstration of its flagship virtual studio, Krypton 3D, a powerful, real-time HD/SD virtual set and augmented reality solution. The 3D virtual studio demonstration paired Krypton 3D with Hybrid’s Silver II robotic pan/tilt/zoom/focus (PTZF) camera control. Together this technology enabled a demonstration of augmented reality, where immersive, real-time 3D graphics, such as bar graphs and 3D objects, appear on conventional TV sets and move credibly in relation to actual camera movement. Krypton 3D’s real-time tracking interface introduces zero video/audio delay or lip synch issues when paired with Hybrid’s Silver robotic camera heads and jibs.

A second technology demonstration featured Hybrid’s trackless virtual studio solution, Neon, which is based upon the same core engine powering the higher-end Krypton system. “The demonstration showed how this affordable PC software is able to create spectacular, virtual, real-time camera movements from fixed cameras on set,” Cohen said. “With its dual output, it can simultaneously render two different sets from a single PC.”

The CABSAT 2013 demonstration also showed how Neon could be controlled by Black Magic Design’s ATEM vision mixer, as well as by Hybrid’s new Ozone application for Android phones and tablets.

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