IABM end user survey yields interesting results

With strikes in Britain, riots in Greece, and a distinct smell of unease gathering around the Eurozone, we are hardly in a Macmillan-esque ‘You’ve never had it so good’ era. But, as the latest IABM End User survey conducted just after NAB proves, at least we’re not North America.

The survey, which is a relatively new departure for a supply-side oriented organisation but mines the databases of both IBC and NAB to get a decent representative sample of people with buying power, makes some remarkably obvious conclusions (belts have been tightened, revenues are down etc). But it is interesting for revealing that the NAB respondents (75% of whom were from North America) were way less positive than their European counterparts. Exactly to what degree the IABM has chosen not to reveal, but the recession, it would seem, has been harder and longer over the Atlantic, and is still very much an ongoing situation in the broadcast sector.

The full report is available to IABM members only, but the organisation did release some interesting factoids to the press:

There was broad agreement that the internet was both the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity to traditional broadcasters.

Two-thirds of respondents said the economic climate had changed their approach to procurement, making them far more cagey about purchases.

The three prime directives for a new piece of kit now are: generate new business, improve efficiencies, and make more cost-effective use of resources.

Personal contact with vendors is still key.

A third said they never stopped buying technology during the recession, another third say they will recommence in 2011.

And, finally, this is an interesting one: in terms of a tech shopping list, storage tops it, followed by HD, video and audio editing/processing, cameras, and new media delivery. Wither 3D? 14th on the list since you ask…

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