IBC 2017: Beyond Live – New Tech Pushing the Boundaries conference session video

At IBC 2017, Ken Kerschbaumer, Sports Video Group, executive director, moderated a panel discussion about the latest innovations in live broadcast technology with a ‘dream team’ of international sports production comprising: Dan Miodownik, Deputy CEO & Chief Content Officer, Host Broadcast Services; David Shield, SVP, Global Director of Engineering & Technology – IMG Media; and Sotiris Salamouris, CTO, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).

Every year there are plenty of sporting events that are distributed globally to different cultures, different time zones, and different devices. The challenges facing those events are daunting as the content creation teams need to make sure they meet the needs of a wide range of viewers and fans. Next generation TV formats like UHD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos all are designed to give sports fans an experience at home that beats a seat in the stands. How can your production make sure it meets the needs of fans at home and around the globe? What are some of the ways fans around the world engage with sports content differently? And how can creating a global brand help create new revenue streams home and abroad?

These are just some of the issues addressed in the 48-minute session. Click here to watch the informative discussion and find out more about global trends in sports production: https://ibc.gallery.video/ibctv/detail/videos/ibc2017-conference/video/5578908873001/ibc2017-conferences:-beyond-live—new-tech-pushing-the-boundaries?autoStart=true&page=1.

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