IBC 2018: Evertz reaches over 400 IP deployments with SDVN technology

Evertz Microsystems announces the deployment of over 400 IP facilities leveraging its Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) technology.

Evertz has IP deployments spanning across 400+ installations globally since 2014. This technology, along with other innovations including the recent deployment of the industry’s largest ST 2110 facility, has made SDVN the go-to choice for broadcasters transitioning their infrastructure to IP.

Evertz’ SDVN technology, utilises a fully non-blocking architecture enabling any source to be routed to any destination at any time without limitations. This is in contrast to other commercially available IP architectures that do not support non-blocking capabilities and require significant operational constraints due to this limitation. In addition, SDVN’s sophisticated orchestration and control system enables deterministic switching of media signals. Deterministic switching, the ability to precisely switch media sources, is a critical requirement for live production.

The industry’s adoption of key standards and specifications has been instrumental in the transition to IP infrastructures. These standards and specifications include SMPTE ST 2110 which defines the carriage of media over managed IP networks. In addition, AMWA IS04/05 enable the autonomous discovery and registration of network devices as well as connection management. Evertz’ SDVN features comprehensive support for ST2110 as well as AMWA IS04/05 enabling enhanced interoperability capabilities as well as more efficient network management.

At IBC 2018 Evertz is showcasing its latest SDVN innovations and extending its lead as the Broadcast Industry’s most reliable source for IP infrastructure solutions. Broadcast IP infrastructures have largely utilized 10GbE IP interfaces, however new emerging applications, including 4K, UHD, and HDR with their increased bandwidth requirements require higher bandwidth network solutions. At IBC 2018, Evertz will be showcasing its comprehensive range of 25GbE solutions. 25GbE interfaces, with their high bandwidth, offer significant operational advantages compared to 10GbE. These advantages include increased network capacity, the ability to carry 4K/UHD content on a single stream and the ability to carry a greater number of streams on a single link, as well as offering a simple upgrade path to 100GbE connectivity for applications that require additional bandwidth.

Evertz will be highlighting its new EXE 2.0 high capacity non-block 25/100GbE switch, as well as the 570IPG-X19-25GE 25/100GbE gateway for interfacing into legacy baseband systems. In addition, Evertz will be demonstrating its IPX-128 25/100GbE modular switch fabric and 3067VIP25G 25/100GbE IP multiviewer.

Complementing Evertz’ SDVN solutions, is evEDGE, a virtualisation framework that allows a comprehensive range of processing services running on best-of- breed compute platforms including FPGAs, x86 and the Cloud.

Orchestration, Control, Monitoring, and Analytics are critical components of any IP system. Evertz’ MAGNUM orchestration and control platform enables a single unified point of control. With MAGNUM, IP, baseband, and hybrid systems can be controlled with a common user interface providing a simple operational environment for operators regardless of the underlying infrastructure. VistaLINK Pro is an end-to-end network management system allowing a single operator to monitor the performance and status of an entire facility. As technology in modern facilities continues to evolve, new troubleshooting and analysis tools are required. Evertz’ inSITE Big Data Analytics platform aggregates and analyses system data to proactively identify potential reliability issues before they manifest as on-air faults. At IBC 2018, Evertz will be demonstrating inSITE’s latest features including a new suite of predefined user dashboards and enhanced security and performance.

With over 400 IP systems deployed globally since 2014, SDVN users have exploited the capabilities of their IP infrastructures to create new, highly efficient workflows. Rather than simply mimicking existing baseband SDI workflows, SDVN’s unique capabilities, including the ability to simultaneously deliver content to all destinations, have enabled operators to create workflows that can more efficiently leverage all of the available resources on a network. These new workflows are enabled by Evertz’ VUE technology. VUE is an agile custom UI platform with advanced software and hardware control panel based solutions that enable tailored, intuitive and streamlined operational workflows. At IBC 2018, Evertz will be showcasing the latest VUE control panels, the VUE-CP251 and VUE-CP200TS these agile rack mounted control panels feature both hardware and touchscreen based interfaces and can be customer configured for every application. Through VUE, efficient custom user interfaces can be created for everything from simple single device control applications to expansive enterprise level control solutions.

“With over 400 deployments around the world, Evertz’ SDVN solution is the de facto choice for Broadcasters transitioning to IP,” says Fernando Solanes, Director of Solutions at Evertz. “SDVN’s advanced orchestration, monitoring and analytic tools enable the rapid deployment and troubleshooting of IP systems and combined with our comprehensive 25GbE/100GbE infrastructure solutions, has enabled broadcasters to develop innovative and efficient workflows that drive both operational efficiency and profitability.”

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