IBC 2018: Teradek and Aminon launch Aminon Original Program

Amimon, the creators of wireless HD Joint-Source-Channel-Coding (JSCC) technology, and Teradek are partnering to launch Amimon Original Program at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam this week. This program aims to provide customers with the tools to recognize original products, and to fully understand the differences and risks associated with using replica and unoriginal products.

The movie production, aerial filming, live broadcasting, and real-time video distribution systems require wireless video with near zero-latency and high picture fidelity. Original products are critical to avoid interruptions or unexpected cut-offs and to ensure robust, smooth production flows with top quality transmission.

Amimon’s wireless zero latency video technology leverages robustness and top-quality HD video to increase on set productivity, and provides live broadcasting capabilities, creating a de facto standard in the Pro-Video market. The company is collaborating with some of the most influential players that manufacture and distribute high-quality video products to customers with its innovative wireless video modem technology solutions. Among those players are Teradek with its highly successful BOLT series, Intel, where Amimon’s HD technology is embedded into the Falcon 8+ drone system, ARRI, a global motion picture camera company that enhanced its camera by integrating Wireless Video System (WVS), and many others.

While Amimon is driving products and innovation with its legitimate partners, we are seeing a disturbing trend of companies that are using Amimon chipsets that were obtained from unknown, illegitimate sources, some even disassembled from old products, to build knock off systems. As a result, these products are sold as new, while using old software, with unknown reliability, and limited to no support. Counterfeit products are illegal by transmitting in unapproved frequencies, violating FCC, ETSI and other regulations. This puts re-sellers and users at risk of high fines by government regulatory authorities. Even worse, it impacts the reliability of other wireless systems on set like audio or DMX, and some systems may even pose health risks.

“We’re working closely with Amimon to help communicate to the industry the advantages of using Amimon Original products, and the risks associated with working with these unauthorized systems,” says Nicol Verheem, Founder and CEO of Teradek. “As the leader in the professional wireless video market, with an install base of more than 25,000 devices, we see it as our responsibility to work with Amimon, the leading wireless video technology provider, to educate the community about such an important issue facing camera professionals and users today.”

“Customers were asking us for a long time how to differentiate between Amimon Original products and risky imitation products,” says Ram Ofir, CEO of Amimon. “With this partnership we’ll be able to bring essential information about our technology and Original Amimon products to professional users around the world.”

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