IBC CEO Michael Crimp on new content distribution streams and future expansion plans

IBC CEO Michael Crimp

IBC CEO Michael Crimp

In advance of the 2016 edition of IBC, CEO Michael Crimp sat down with SVG Europe to discuss the ongoing expansion of the show, the impact of OTT and other new content distribution methods, and the rise of ‘narrowcasting’.

Can you foresee a day when there is no more space in which to expand and moving to another venue becomes unavoidable?

IBC works closely with the RAI to ensure that we can accommodate our growing exhibitor list. This year sees the launch of Hall 9, a brand new hall which sees IBC space across 15 Halls at the RAI and brings new companies into IBC for the first time.

The RAI have plans to expand further with a 650 room hotel including event space opening on site in 2019. They also have plans for more halls.

Is IBC seeing the same growth in the OB/truck area as in the regular halls?

IBC is seeing a steady demand for space in the Outside Exhibition area. It is unlikely to grow this year because it is an Olympic year and they are on duty.

The nature of IBC, especially the conference, is rapidly becoming dominated by various OTT and ‘disruptive service’ providers, so how do you see this trend developing – and how will it impact the sports production area in particular?

This remains a popular area of our conference programme. We have a new stream ‘Platform Futures’ focusing on this area of content distribution, with Netflix, NBCU, Vodafone, DT and Verizon talking about different models of content offers and distribution. Additionally, in the Content and Production stream, on Thursday 8 September, we are looking at innovation in sports production including Euro 2016, The Rio Olympics and Major League basketball.

Can you nominate a specific personal highlight from a recent IBC that illustrates the scope and development of the event?

Over the past few years, we have seen the way people consume content change before our eyes. We have moved from broadcasting on single screens at a fixed time and place, to ‘narrowcasting’ deeply personalised content to multiple screens, anywhere and at any time. New media formats such as virtual reality offer entirely new formats for broadcasters to reach their audience and is just one of the areas IBC is committed to bringing to our visitors at this year’s conference.


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