In-venue mobile video advertising: opportunities and potential revenue

Streambolico, the Portuguese company behind the CrowdWiFi Streaming solution enabling fans to watch live video on smartphones and tablets, has produced a White Paper titled ‘In-venue Mobile Video Advertising: Opportunities and Potential Revenue’. Sports venues have only limited revenue streams, and one of the most profitable is advertising. The White Paper cites the example of the German Bundesliga, where advertising revenues represent around 26% of the total, surpassed only by media revenue including broadcast rights. However, advertisers are hard to find, and many sponsors see traditional in-venue marketing opportunities as static and disconnected with the event.

In contrast, as a result of the mobile revolution and fan digitalisation, sponsors are now looking for in-venue activation campaigns where they can be a part of the fan experience and, at the same time, accurately measure ROI. This means that sponsors’ top priority is now digital marketing rather than traditional media.

The White Paper suggests it is therefore essential for clubs and venue holders to develop new advertising channels that can represent an interesting opportunity for sponsors. In-venue mobile video streaming is a strong value proposition, says Streambolico.

A recent study by Cisco and IBSG Horizons showed that many fans feel they sit too far away from the action; have limited opportunities to see replays; can only watch a single view of the game; and in fact, 57% said that on balance, they would prefer to watch the game at home.

With mobile video streaming, it is possible to provide every fan a privileged view of the match, irrespective of its seat. In particular, a mobile video streaming solution could include features such as the possibility to watch multiple camera angles views of the match, watch instantaneous replays of these cameras or watch highlights and replays produced on-site.

The value introduced by such solution may help in increasing the affluence to the venue, as well as maintaining fans in the venue longer. This represents a direct revenue increase for the club. On the other hand, it enables a new highly valuable digital advertising channel, allowing clubs to expand their current marketing portfolio.

A mobile video streaming solution may be included in a club’s match-day mobile app, allowing fans to have access to the aforementioned features in their own devices, at their own seat. The match-day app is an essential tool to improve the fans experience.

In wrapping up the White Paper, Streambolico says that nowadays, Wi-Fi access is a commodity that most fans wish to have. While deploying and maintaining a Wi-Fi infrastructure requires a large investment, it also generates great monetising opportunities, in particular if a mobile video streaming service is provided to the fans.

Pairing these two services can help engaging the fans, and therefore extract direct revenue from them, as well as obtaining indirect revenue from creating a new high-value marketing channel for sponsors, with a large number of advertisement opportunities.

Download the White Paper:

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