INSIGHT TV and Monster Energy to deliver Gymkhana GRiD motorsport documentary

INSIGHT TV has confirmed that its partnership with Monster Energy is continuing with a new documentary production. The show, which will air in Q1 2018 on INSIGHT TV Channels and streaming service INSIGHT.TV, will follow several drivers taking part in motorsport sensation Gymkhana GRiD. An extension of legendary rally driver and social media sensation Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, the race is open to every driver on the planet.

The programme will show unique behind-the-scenes footage and will follow the back stories of several drivers including: Luke Woodham, Petter Solberg, Ken Block, Adam Elder, Nikolett Szanto and Dmitrij Sribnyj. The race, which features elaborate stunts and obstacles, often in the dark with no headlights, was held in Johannesburg at the Carnival City Resort in South Africa on the 18th and 19th November. The show gets the low down on the drivers, how they prepare, what their motivation is and what it means to become Gymkhana GRiD champion, covering all the drama and discipline behind this growing motorsport.

“With millions of fans around the world, particularly on social media this event is a huge draw for petrol heads and we’re delighted to bring unseen, behind-the-scenes footage in this no-holds barred reality documentary,” says Arun Maljaars, INSIGHT TV’s Global Content Strategy Manager. “If you’ve ever wondered what drift drivers get up to when they’re not driving and how they build themselves up to be among the best in the world, then wonder no more.”

This latest documentary follows on from the successful production of INSIGHT TV and Monster Energy’s recent collaboration, Secrets of DarkFEST.


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