Italy’s Telerecord introduces highly-specified Unit 26 truck

Italian OB specialist Telerecord is celebrating 40 years in the market and has recently constructed a new high-quality mobile unit suitable for a variety of project types. This truck is called Unit 26 and sports the ability to control up to 24 cameras from the bay station – a total that can actually be increased to 44.

Unit 26 has already been used for a number of major sports projects in recent months, including coverage of World Cup hockey and bobsleigh (with a 34-camera utilised).

The new Unit 26 truck hits the road.

The new Unit 26 truck hits the road.

The need for an OB truck with this kind of capacity has been evolving for some time. As well as a second control room for customised deployment, the facility is also wired to operate in Full HD and 4K Ultra-HD. Looking forward, Sony HDC-4300 cameras are being evaluated for the final leap to 4K.

For 4K, the vehicle provides 10 bay stations for 10 cameras, as well as related EVS technology. The cameras can be used in conjunction with a Sony MVX-8000 vision mixer, which is 4K cable.

Also onboard are a number of other Sony cameras – including HDC-1500, HDC2500, HDC-3300 and HDC-P1 models – as well as 16 Bradley cameras and six waterproof cameras, among other equipment.

The integrated matrix, an IP3 by Imagine Communications, has been configured with 354 inputs and 560 outputs, but is ultimately expected to be expanded up to 576 inputs and 1024 outputs. It is also equipped with frame synchronizer, de-multiplexer and internal multiplexer to handle any type of signal without the need to integrate other accessories.

The vehicle, without tractor, is 14 metres long and incorporates four expansions that allow it to accommodate about 40-45 operators in comfort.

Towards an IP future

The project was developed with a careful eye on the emerging IP-based vision. Accordingly, it also features the new Imagine Communications IP3 Platinum audio/video router, which is simultaneously able to handle analogue signals, SDI, HD-SDI and 3G. Embedded audio signals, discrete and MADI can all be managed.

Full redundancy, control and crosspoint cards ensure the vehicle can operate successful. The routing system is completed by 25 re-programmable control Imagine Communications Magellan series panels. Meanwhile, several 6800+ and Selenium cards are used for conversion and distribution of signals both inside and outside the vehicle.

EVS systems are the heart of the replay set-up. File ingest of content occurs in a very straightforward way and is independent of the format or the codec used. This includes access to the remote system to select materials to transfer, publish, share and distribute. The servers used on this unit are designed to operate at 1080i, 1080p, 4K, 3G and 3D. They are multi-codec and can create, in real-time, a proxy video on gigabit network, which allows multi-review browsing options and the utilisation of third-party solutions.

Audio and construction

The audio set-up, configured to work in 5.1, is based around a Calrec Artemis Beam console. Meanwhile, for conditioning, the motors were placed on the front and rear of the vehicle to obtain the desired result.

For the structure carbon steel alloys were used, whilst Isotruck panels were selected for the coating. It took only four months for the mechanical structure to be built by Rescar, and a mere two months for cabling.

With Unit 26, it is clear, Telerecord is ready to stride concertedly into the 4K/UHD era.

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