Join SVG Europe Women in Scotland and in-person for Exploring the Scottish Skills Shortage on 31 March

Comparing notes and contacts at the SVG Europe Women summer event 2019 with Sky Sports and Sky Production Services

SVG Europe Women is excited to announce its inaugural SVG Europe Women Scotland event, and our first in-person women’s community event for two years.

The event, being held in association with Scottish production company and independent outside broadcast provider QTV, will focus on ‘Exploring the Scottish Skills Shortage’.

It is taking place at The Poetry Club, Glasgow, Scotland on 31 March at 6.30pm.

Exploring the Scottish Skills Shortage will include a panel looking at the pressing need for more crew for sports broadcasters – and a more diverse crew – in Scotland, as well as an in-depth talk with the head of BAME-led production company Create Anything and the Reframe talent pool about where Scotland stands in bringing people of colour to roles behind the camera.

Check out the full programme here

The event will also include questions from the audience and plenty of time to grab a drink and network. All people are welcome to attend.

True role model: BBC director of sport, Barbara Slater, wins the SVG Europe Women Achievement Award 2020 at the Winter Networking event at BT Sport

Exploring the Scottish Skills Shortage will begin with ‘Taking the high road to a diverse talent pool in Scotland’, a panel of speakers who will discuss the issues behind the skills shortage for the growing sports broadcasting industry in the region, and the lack of diversity.

Speakers will look at the potential solutions to those challenges, including initiatives from colleges and broadcasters based in Scotland, and what needs to happen next to improve the situation.

Experts discussing the Scottish Skills Shortage are: Alex Gaffney, BBC Scotland, commercial and partnerships manager; Laura Dickson, City of Glasgow College, lecturer – television (media), and leader of Women in Media; Julie Robinson, QTV, senior broadcast manager; and Lucy Lake, QTV, human Resources Manager. The session will be chaired by head of SVG Europe Women, Heather McLean.

This will be followed by ‘Reframing the conversation to Create Anything’ with Stewart Kyasimire, managing director of BAME-led production company, Create Anything, and head of film and commercial BAME talent pool for people behind the camera, Reframe, in discussion with McLean. Kyasimire will explain the goals and growth of Create Anything and Reframe as well as why it is crucial to give people of colour more representation behind the scenes in sports broadcasting.

McLean commented: “This is incredibly exiting; our first SVG Europe Women Scotland event, and our community’s first in-person event in what has been a very long two years. This event is going to take the lid off the long-running issue in Scotland of the skills shortage, which is only getting more complex as more sports and studios focus on the region. Not only is there a skills shortage in Scotland as people move south in order to pursue work and careers, but there is a definite lack of diversity in terms of gender and colour, and that needs to be addressed at the same time. We are looking forward to welcoming our speakers to the stage of The Poetry Club to cast some light on these issues.”

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