KymiRing Finland to implement 5G industrial-grade private wireless network for motorsport

Nokia’s 5G network at KymiRing will bring reliable, secure, high bandwidth connectivity for broadcasters, while transforming the testing performance for racing teams and boosting the viewing experience for spectators

KymiRing, the largest motorsports and events venue in Northern Europe, is working with Edzcom, a European provider of edge connectivity solutions, to build an industrial-grade private wireless network based on Nokia’s 5G technologies.

Nokia’s partnership with KymiRing will see industrial-grade private wireless technology being deployed on the 180-hectare site. The 5G network will bring reliable, secure, high bandwidth connectivity for broadcasters, while transforming the testing performance for racing teams and boosting the viewing experience for spectators.

As part of the agreement, Nokia will also provide KymiRing with a high-performance Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless network and edge computing platform. This will effectively replace the need for traditional two-way radio. The high bandwidth and ultra-low latency of the DAC will allow KymiRing to provide a wide range of new services and innovate further for its customers.

Speaking to SVG Europe, Minna Rissanen, business development manager at KymiRing, said: “The network will enable broadcasters to produce more variety for end users and increase the amount and quality of the content on their screens.”

Rissanen said the network will be used at its full scale for the first time by Tata Communications for Dorna Sports at the MotoGP Finland race, which will take part from 9-11 July 2021.

Commented Rissanen: “Broadcasters, such as Tata Communications, had been confronted with the problem of how to efficiently collect and transfer data. They requested that we help solve this issue to enable them to broadcast content through as many platforms as possible. Additionally, some software companies requested us to provide a network to fulfil their needs. We evaluated our available options, selecting 5G and Nokia as our partner due to the reliability and high quality of its service.”

She continued: “Some of the data is processed on site, some will be sent to public and some will be sent to different applications. There are already different platforms to be used and more are continuing to be developed all the time.”

As for the challenges associated with using the network, they are still to come, Rissanen noted: “We expect to come across some teething challenges with the new techniques, since it’s so new, however it is well designed and thoroughly tested.”

The 5G private wireless network will be completed during 2021 by Edzcom. This new technology will not only fulfil international broadcasting needs but also provide a safe and secure testing environment for the automotive industry.

“With this network investment we will have the capacity to broadcast a live stream of numerous racers at the same time. Nothing on the track will remain beyond coverage and everything can be monitored and controlled in real time,” commented Markku Pietilä, CEO, KymiRing.

“We see this platform as a springboard to build our digital business and develop new services. KymiRing has chosen Nokia as its device supplier given its pioneering technology and security,” he continued.

Said Stephan Litjens, general manager, enterprise solutions, Nokia Cloud and Network Services: “Motorsport has a long legacy of being at the forefront of technology innovation. KymiRing is no exception. Implementing 5G will enhance the testing environment for automotive teams and radically transform the viewing experience for fans and spectators.”

In addition to improving the spectator experience, the new private wireless environment will also benefit broadcast production companies with reliable, secure, high-bandwidth connectivity.

Pietilä continued: “Big events generally require an enormous stake from production companies, who arrive with truckloads of cables and support technology. Thanks to our network improvements, the infrastructure is completed significantly faster as most of the technology is available on site.”

The industrial-grade 5G technology network at KymiRing will offer an efficient and safe testing environment to develop autonomous and connected vehicles and software.

According to Pietilä, the digitalised track will allow the transfer of testing data in real time. He added: “We will be able to deliver sensor data via the network directly to any destination in the world, while testing in even demanding conditions.”

KymiRing offers digitalised testing possibilities not only on its high-speed Grand Prix circuit, but also on the vehicle dynamics areas, off-road tracks and closed city courses throughout the year in various weather conditions.



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