LIGR joins SVG Europe as a Bronze sponsor

LIGR, a pioneer in cloud-based broadcast tools, providing real-time graphics solutions for sports events, live streams and media broadcasts, has joined SVG Europe as a Bronze sponsor.

The company recently joined forces with Crionet, a globally recognised Italian-founded company specialising in innovative solutions and technologies for the sport and media industry.

LIGR empowers broadcasters, leagues, and teams to enhance their visual storytelling. The LIGR.Live operating system is an easy to use self-serve platform with automation, collaboration and monetisation features, enabling sports organisations and rights holders to produce livestreams with TV-quality graphics, in-game sponsorship inventory and analytics and automated highlights.

Features include instant, templated animated graphics, built-in live streaming, the ability to fully automate single-camera broadcasts or switch to a full production team with multiple cameras for feature matches, and to easily manage fixtures across multiple sports and leagues.

LIGR.Live also has built-in advertising and reporting features. Grassroots clubs can instantly add sponsors to their streams and earn advertising revenue, while pro-leagues and broadcasters can manage and monitor all their ad campaigns across thousands of games from a single cloud-based interface.

LIGR.Live has collaborated with a wide range of clients, from local sports clubs to national and global sports organisations. The company is committed to leveraging technology to transform fan engagement and meet the evolving demands of sports broadcasts.

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