Live from Sportel: EVS details FanCast, next-gen data integration

EVS is on hand at Sportel demoing its new FanCast system, the company’s latest effort to allow venues to more easily and cheaply deliver content from EVS servers within a stadium or arena to the handheld devices in use by fans in the stands. It also detailed plans for a still-to-be-launched service called Epsio Reveal that can integrate data points with video replays.
The FanCast package includes an XT3 video server that can handle up to six channels, an IPDirector for management and production and clips of highlights, and the C-Cast distribution platform to enable the aggregation of multi-angle video, live streams, and statistics and delivery to connected screens.
The launch also begins a new relationship with Cisco who will resell the package to its venue clients. However the system is agnostic and can ultimately deliver content via not only Cisco’s IP and Wifi technologies but also 4G, LTE, and other systems.
“The principal is the same as C-Cast where we will provide white labels apps if customers don’t have their own but we will also provide an API so the team in charge of connectivity can control it,” says Nicolas Bourdon, EVS, SVP of marketing.
The system also allows cost savings as C-Cast is available via a licensing model (a minimum two year commitment is required).
As for Epsio Reveal, further details are forthcoming but Bourdon says it will allow data like the speed of objects, pulse of athletes, and nearly any other desired datapoint to be integrated into a replay.
“The data can be pushed into a database and then associated and integrated with video to reveal what is happening,” adds Bourdon. “We are seeing more and more requirements for these type of tools.”

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