LiveU, Panasonic offer new wireless solution at IBC

LiveU will hit the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam with a range of new products, including a demonstration with Panasonic of a next-generation integrated live camera system that utilises the LU40i video uplink device and the new Panasonic AJ-HPX600 P2 camcorder. The complete camcorder transmission system provides a high-quality video feed with simple remote operation.

Also look forLiveU’s LU70 mobile uplink unit with its second-generation internal and new external antenna arrays. Boosted by its remotely located antennas, the LU70 backpack supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously, offering extra-strong resiliency in built-up, crowded areas and on-the-move.

The LU70 includes cutting-edge features, such as: One-Touch-Live mode with automatic adjustment of video resolutions for fast and easy live video transmission at the touch of a button and point to multi-point distribution, whereby a single device can broadcast live to multiple, varied destinations concurrently.

And for handheld needs, LiveU will unveil the latest developments of its compact, lightweight HD/SD video uplink solution. Since its launch at IBC 2011, the LU40i has transmitted live video from some of the highest-profile sports, music, and tech events, including the Super Bowl, NBA (All-Star Weekend and Finals) and the Grammy awards.

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