NAB 2011: LMC to launch Antelope II

Antelope MkII

A sketch of the Antelope MkII is all that LMC is showing this side of Vegas

Germany: LMC LiveMotionConcept Gmbh is set to unveil its next generation ultra slo-motion camera, the Antelope MkII, based on the brand-new Phantom 641 chip, at this year’s NAB. Crucially, the new launch will mark the first time customers will be able to buy an Antelope, rather than rent or lease, reflecting the growing interest in ultra slo-mo systems.

“It’s very ergonomic, all function-knobs are positioned where they should be on a broadcast camera, as we really wanted to create a product that can be used by OB staff with no major training involved,” says LMC CEO, Felix Marggraff.

Marggraff says the 3D-capable unit, which is can capture anything up to 5800fps in native HD, has a number of features that will prove popular to broadcasters. “The second live HD video out, means that the camera can be used as a line-cut camera no matter if you are triggering or replaying a sequence. Also it features tally light, dual intercom (prod/engineering), SMPTE fibre including power, dynamic playback and broadcast camera colour matrix settings; the internal software is made for live TV; the new OCP is similar to a GV OCP which will be easy to operate for any broadcast engineer; and the high quality HD viewfinder makes shooting a pleasure.”

Antelope MkII also features a specially designed Remote Control Panel, which has been in development for around nine months and features all the necessary functions for both replay and the ability to change settings such as framerates, exposure times and so on. “The RCP and the OCP are connected by standard RS422, so are very easy to integrate into an existing OB environment,” says Marggraff.

Two new models will also follow after the show – a gyro-stabilised version, the FalconCam, and a wireless version dubbed Antelope AIR.

“Antelope AIR is ready right now,” says Marggraff. “We are using telemetry and HD video transmission developed in partnership with Riedel. Not only can the Ultra Slow Motion be remotely triggered, you can do all the shading, and the settings can be done wireless as well. It sends two HD SDI video outs (one for LIVE one for REPLAY), and the first major production it will be used on is the UniCredit Ladies German Open golf in May.

“FalconCam is in testing right now. The gyro solution works great as well as the transmission of all the signals. We believe that the system will be available shortly after NAB.”

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