Loft London announces new IP feed and capture service

Digital media and post-production services provider Loft London is to introduce a new IP feed capture service for its customers. In partnership with Kickoff TV Productions, Loft London will have access to Kickoff TV’s recently launched Feedstation service.

Feedstation allows any live feed available from BT Tower in London or from an international satellite signal received by Telenor Satellite Broadcasting UK’s teleport, to be delivered over IP/cloud to Loft London who in turn will convert the IP stream to SDI. The service allows Loft London’s clients to access international and local feed services such as live and sporting events to be then captured repackaged into either whole events, highlights or news packages, and made available to broadcasters, OTT and VOD platforms in an efficient and cost effective solution.

“We at Loft London are always looking at providing our clients a solutions that are rapid to deploy, has a quick turn around time and does not incur the normal high costs associated with the traditional lines and satellite infrastructure.” said Davide Maglio, CSMO of Loft London. “We have been approached on a number of occasions to provide VOD and OTT repackaging services of live events and the challenge has always been the lengthy lead time and costs for the client. We believe that our partnership with Kickoff TV’s Feedstation offers our clients a flexible, rapid and cost effective solution that can scale to meet their challenges at short notice. We a very pleased secured such an innovative solution that matches our own ethos.”

“Feedstation is a bold new step for Kickoff in delivering occasional use feeds to customers,” says CEO Ken Skaarbrevik of Kickoff TV Productions. “We are incredibly happy to partner with Loft London utilising our 100% LAN-based system. The Feedstation IP network, set up in partnership with Telenor, will make it possible for Loft London to receive live feeds and also deliver content to their clients all over the world, in a secure and very fast way. We believe that the service will be a success as it is a cost-effective and secure alternative to fibre and satellite downlinking. It marries the use of award-winning IP technology, the Telenor Satellite Broadcasting UK-based hub, with access to BT Tower signal as well as from any other International satellite. The Feedstation partnership with LiveU, Garland Partners, ARG and other technology partners, makes us also able to provide customers with the right IP feed solution for them. Kickoff TV is very much looking forward to assist Loft London, with its leading content processing capabilities, to develop this side of their business.”

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