London 2012 Photo Gallery: The Cameras

If there was one thing the 2012 London Games were not short of, it was cameras. Hundreds of cameras were deployed across more than a dozen venues throughout London and the UK by OBS and rights-holding broadcasters. Whether they were 2D, 3D, Ultra HD, super slo-mo, ultra slo-mo, robotic, RF steadi cameras or just a plain old hard or handheld camera, there were plenty to go around during the 17 days of coverage. These cameras were outfitted to blimps, tracks, jibs, poles, helicopters, boats, motorbikes, cars, cranes, cherry pickers, dollys, and cable systems to capture the unique angles that viewers demand at the largest display of athletic competition on the planet. Check out the cameras on-hand in London in the photo gallery below and stay tuned for more of SVG’s London 2012 Photo Galleries to come.

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