M6 news graphics get faster with Orad

M6, a subsidiary of the RTL group, recently upgraded its information with Orad’s latest graphics workflow solutions. “I consider channel branding to be the DNA of the station identity, connecting M6 corporate and programmes through distinct look and feel,” said Michel Nougué, M6 group artistic director. “Our goal in this latest upgrade was to modernise the workflow, allowing a more dynamic use of graphics. Orad’s newest solutions were the natural choice. The power combined with flexibility allows us to be even more creative and flexible.”

The new Orad installation provides a non-destructive graphics workflow where multiple graphical elements can be animated on playout, enhancing the visual and informational broadcast. Unlike the existing workflow, which would have burned graphics into the media, the new Orad solutions do not require graphics rendering, allowing M6 to produce packages faster with the ability to reuse content quickly.

“Today’s TV production challenges require us to have tools that are much more reactive. Under our existing workflow, it was too time-consuming to render graphics and then archive clean material. It required going back and reopening projects, deleting graphics and then saving. With the new Orad solution, we have an end-to-end real-time process for modifying graphics and saving native media,” comments Gregory Vital, M6 engineering project manager.

All graphics, including lower thirds, titles and OTS, can be added via Avid Newscutter or iNews using the Orad Maestro plug-in. Graphical elements appear within the iNews Command automation playlist, allowing M6 to play the graphics overlay in real time. The new workflow brings a level of flexibility by allowing graphics elements such as names, locations, news titles, etc. to interact on playout, each taking into account the relevant position of the other.

Vital adds, “Because the Orad application was so user-friendly, we did not need specific training for our editors. And thanks to Orad’s agility, we are gaining significant time and flexibility in our production. Today, a simple typo can be corrected on the fly, whereas before the piece had to be re-edited.”

With graphics no longer requiring pre-production, M6 developed a secondary playout channel for review and approval of on-air graphics. Powered by the same Orad graphics systems and running in parallel and just moments before the actual broadcast, M6 is able to reap the advantage of the on-the-fly graphics workflow with full editorial validation and control.

The new Orad installation provides enriched graphics for the M6’s Jean Drucker powerwall, as well as the second studio using the virtual set configuration. It connects the overall look and feel of M6 TV with a workflow that is better suited to meet the various technical and operational production challenges.

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