MAMA Youth Project relaunches Hardship Fund for alumni struggling through lockdown

On the Abi Stephen’s Show panel at the SVG Europe Women Winter Networking Event in January 2020, panelists including Bob Clarke, MAMA Youth Project, discuss role models and how to bring more women and BAME people into this industry

MAMA Youth Project has announced the relaunch of its Hardship Fund for trainees who have been struggling financially during their courses with the charity and alumni facing post-training unemployment during the pandemic.

Last year MAMA Youth Project’s emergency Just Giving campaign raised over £9000 and provided a lifeline to 11 trainees and alumni, enabling them to cope. The money donated ensured that those most vulnerable could pay for rent, food, transport and other necessities during difficult times.

The team at MAMA Youth Project have recognised the need for reassurance during the lockdown and have been supporting young people in a variety of ways, from pastoral care to distributing laptops to those unable to job search, work or train from home with limited resources.

As a result of coronavirus MAMA Youth alumni are now in need of support more than ever before. Many are struggling to move away from challenging backgrounds and were already disadvantaged prior to the major setback of the global pandemic. There are concerns that already vulnerable young people will now be subject to further financial pressure in addition to deteriorating mental health.

Alumni who were just embarking on their career journey, seeing light at last at the end of the tunnel, are now facing grave uncertainty instead. For them, the current circumstances could not have come at a worse time. MAMA Youth Project alumni are now at risk of becoming extremely vulnerable.

MAMA Youth is asking for donations to help young people from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds who the charity pledges to protect from the damaging economic effects of COVID-19.

To make your donation today, click here.


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