Markertek Showcasing SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Cables

As the buzz over 4K production continues to rage at NAB 2013, that spells big opportunities in the fiber business.

Andrew Barth, vice president, sales at Marketek’s parent company Tower Products.

Andrew Barth, VP, sales, at Markertek parent Tower Products.

This week, Markertek launched an entire line of SMPTE Hybrid fiber cables featuring LEMO connectors and Furukawa or Belden SMPTE 311M cable.

The company is showing off its SMPTE Hybrid camera cables in three versions: flexible studio, Riser-rated install, and Outside Broadcast harsh environment. SMPTE Hybrid to ST, LC, and SC breakout cables are also available — with and without power options — for both internal rack and long-distance distribution applications.

Markertek also unveiled its HYDAP line of SMPTE Hybrid fiber adapters designed to lower the cost of outside broadcast and sports production.

Andrew Barth, VP, sales, at Marketek parent company Tower Products, sat down with SVG for a quick look at what he has seen in the first two days of NAB 2013.

Through the first two days of the show, have there been any trends emerging with the customers you are speaking with at your booth?
We’re featuring SMPTE Hybrid fiber and everything that goes along with that: adapters, cleaning supplies, terminations, you name it. In that general fiber market, the tactical fiber seems to be drawing the most attention right now, and we’re excited to be in that market. We think our timing’s very good, and this show is helping us feel very confident in that.

Anything really jump out at you so far, or have things gone as you have expected?
Everything has been pretty much par for the course. We came out here with good expectations for the show. We certainly had our expectations that 4K was going to be a big player here this week, and we are seeing that.

In what ways is Markertek helping the industry prepare for the future of 4K?
Well, again, I will go back to fiber. We’re positioning ourselves to be an all-encompassing solution around fiber. Whether it’s customized panels or breakouts, tac-reels, or anything of that nature.” 

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