Megahertz supplies control vehicle to Aerial Camera Systems

Megahertz Broadcast Systems (MHz) has provided another control vehicle to leading specialist camera company Aerial Camera Systems (ACS). The new vehicle joins an existing fleet in which every unit was built by Megahertz.

The nature of ACS’s business in flown, cable and vehicle-mounted cameras and remote heads means that every job is different and its equipment must be flexible. The latest vehicle is built on a long-wheelbase Ford Transit, with coachbuilding handled in-house by Megahertz. Within the confines of a relatively small vehicle Megahertz has provided accommodation for five operators on two desks.

The video system incudes eight fibre inputs of any format up to 1080p at 3Gb/s. Synchronisers and up, down and cross converters are provided. The infrastructure includes a Black Magic Designs 40 x 40 router. Monitoring is on six Sony OLED monitors, and via quad splits onto DVI monitors. Harris Broadcast provided in-vision waveform monitors.

“We have worked with Megahertz for a number of years now and are delighted with the work they have delivered for us,” says Phillip Beckett, managing director of Aerial Camera Systems.

To create the space necessary inside the operational area, deep equipment racks, with equipment mounted on both the front and back, are in use. Careful design maximises the natural airflow through the racks. A roof-mounted air conditioner provides heat and cooling to keep the operators comfortable at all times of the year. There are three CTP Systems talkback units and a Tait radio for digital wireless communications.

“Our long relationship with Aerial Camera Systems has always been rewarding, because their requirements are always unique,” says Steve Burgess, technical director at Megahertz Broadcast Systems. “We were delighted to be able to build this new vehicle for them, to support the increasing use of multiple special cameras at sports and other live events.”

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