Motorsports racing simulation gets its speed on at iRacing with Limelight Networks’ content delivery network

iRacing, a premier motorsports racing simulation company for eSports, is using Limelight Networks’ content delivery network (CDN) to accelerate large software updates delivered worldwide.

iRacing takes simulated motorsport to a new level

Members of iRacing, which organises, hosts and officiates races on virtual tracks all around the world, update their software for the latest track and car information at the start of each 12 week racing season. Software updates range from 4GB to 5GB for existing players and up to 30GB for new members, however customers had complained of inconsistent download performance.

To solve this issue, iRacing implemented Limelight’s CDN to improve performance and ensure all quarterly updates run smoothly. In addition, Limelight’s peering relationships with major global internet service providers (ISPs) ensure that regardless of where players are located or how they connect to the internet, they have the fastest download possible.

“We’re not set up to build out our global infrastructure to make our downloads available to every location on the planet,” said Nick Bailey, senior devops engineer at iRacing. “We chose to partner with Limelight to do that so we can focus on making the auto racing simulations as detailed as possible and ensure our members can experience them in a timely fashion.”

Limelight’s high cache hit ratio ensures players can quickly download game files from local points-of-presence, rather than accessing them from distant locations. In addition, iRacing is using Limelight Origin Storage, which allows game files to be accessed and delivered quickly, even if they are not already in cache. These capabilities together with Limelight’s high data throughput rates, extensive peering relationships and private global network, lead to faster download speeds for iRacing’s software updates.

“No one wants slow performance or to wait around for slow downloads, especially on a car racing simulator,” said Steve Miller-Jones, vice president of product strategy at Limelight. “Limelight’s private global network makes it possible for iRacing to significantly accelerate extremely large downloads, as well as global game play for all its members.”

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