Movicom aids production of the European Championships in Munich 

Movicom’s crew at the Munich Games 2022 consisted of 11 people from three different countries that worked hard over the course of two weeks, rigging and shooting

The European Championships were the largest sporting event held in Munich, Germany since the 1972 Olympics. The competition featured nine Olympic sports over the course of 11 full days. Some 700 hours of television coverage was broadcast live across the globe. Movicom helped to cover this historic event with a variety of specialty cameras at multiple events during the course of the entire competition.

Taking place in the famous Olympiastadion, the European Championships athletics competitions were one of the highlights of the Munich 2022 games. Movicom provided a Robycam 3D cable camera system to cover all of the events inside the Olympiastadion, which flew along one side of the stadium to provide dynamic shots of all of the events, including the running races and relays. In addition to the Robycam cable camera Movicom provided a gyrostabilized polecam with a high speed super slow motion Dreamchip AtomOne SSM500 camera for the long jump and other competitions. The slow mo footage proved to be a production favorite for replays during the games.

Movicom helped to cover the European Championships 2022 with a variety of specialty cameras at multiple events

The same high speed Dreamchip cameras, provided by Movicom, were set up and run by EMG at the indoor climbing and cycling events. These same cameras were then moved, mid-event, to the beach volleyball games- where they were mounted at the net and used extensively for close up shots of the contentious action in and around the net. This was a way to maximise the use of the slo mo replays that are possible out of those cameras.

At the Olympiahalle, where the gymnastics events took place, Movicom installed a different  Robycam Compact 3D cable camera system, which is designed for smaller venues and places where roof height might be an issue. With the shallowest drop angle of any cable camera (5.4 degrees) the Robycam Compact was able to cover the action on the floor yet stay high enough to be out of the shots of the other cameras.
One of the most unique camera angles of the competition came from a Robyhead ‘L’ – the largest remote head in the line up that was mounted at 169 metres (555 feet) on the Olympia tower above the Olympiastadion and was able to provide unparalleled beauty shots of the city, using an 86x lens.
“We were very honoured to be part of the European Championships in Munich,” said Simone de Lella, sales and operations director at Movicom. “It was such a creative environment, and international group of people that really made the broadcast work and raised it to a different level.”
Movicom’s crew consisted of 11 people from three different countries that worked hard over the course of two weeks, rigging and shooting, to help make the broadcast a successful and historic event.

Olympiastadion, Munich, where the European Championships were held

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