MRMC renews sponsorship with SVG Europe and focuses on volumetric video

View of the TV compound at Royal Portrush this year

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) has once again renewed its Gold Sponsorship of SVG Europe.

MRMC is a Nikon subsidiary and an Academy Award winning company at the front line of camera robotics and broadcast innovation, creating cutting edge solutions for camera robotics, broadcast robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as remote image capture. The company’s robotic and software solutions are used all over the world by film studios, sports broadcasters, football leagues and more.

The company’s most recent innovation, Polymotion Stage, is the world’s first mobile multi-solution volumetric capture stage. In partnership with Sky Sports and Dimension, specialists in the creation of volumetric humans and avatars, the company introduced Polymotion Stage at the 148th Open at Royal Portrush, where it was used to capture volumetric video of the world’s top golfers before the tournament.

The players were in and out of the mobile studio in minutes allowing them to get back to their preparations quickly, which meant that Sky Sports could use their digital duplicates during the live broadcast for swing analysis with never-before-seen angles.

James Banfield, head of synergy at MRMC, said: “Sports Video Group Europe continues to provide valuable insights into the world of sports broadcast. It gives us an oversight of the key industry developments and as with Polymotion Stage, a platform to showcase the groundbreaking innovations we are developing at MRMC.”

Banfield continued: “Polymotion Stage is yet another example of the cutting edge technology that we are developing at MRMC. These pioneering mobile volumetric studios will make it easier for content creators to capture the assets they need, vastly increasing their ability to produce engaging and immersive content. Fostering close partnerships with industry leaders Dimension and Sky Sports enable us to place our expertise where it can have real-world impact, and puts MRMC at the centre of content capture innovation.”

Polymotion Stage has two forms: a portable stage Dome and Stage Truck. Volumetric video allows for enhanced content to provide increased viewing experiences across multiple platforms. Added Banfield: “This is invaluable for reducing demands for sports teams and athletes the time for media, allowing for captures on site to create these exciting new assets for marketing and analysis and therefore improving relationships and increasing the volume of content.

“It will become a very important tool for sports programming as broadcasters search for new ways to interact with their viewers and deliver new virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) content,” he said.

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