NAB 2013: NVerzion, Ross Video, 360 Systems plan showcase

NVerzion has teamed up with Ross Video and 360 Systems to offer a fully integrated automation, master control/routing, video server and graphics package at the 2013 NAB Show. Designed to maximise workflow efficiencies and guarantee cost-savings for broadcasters, the solution can be easily integrated into any existing file-based workflow for seamless operation.

Two packages are currently available. The first includes Nverzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS), 360 Systems’ MAXX-500 digital video server, and Ross Video’s MC1 master control and XPression graphics systems. The second package features CLASS as a cuts-only signal processing solution with 360 Systems’ MAXX-500 server and Ross Video’s NK Series router and XPression graphics. A comprehensive customer-support plan from the companies is designed to ensure the continuity of a station’s on-air presentation.

“By partnering with Ross Video and 360 Systems, we’re able to provide broadcasters with a one-stop shop for cutting-edge automation, master control/routing, video server and graphics systems,” says Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing at NVerzion. “This entry-level package is being offered as a single-channel, SD solution with available add-ons to accommodate unlimited features and upgrades. Relying on CLASS, the new package optimizes a station’s terrestrial and file-based operation, offering exceptional failure protection and redundancy that is critical to staying on the air.”

An alternative to station-in-a-box solutions, Nverzion’s CLASS is a flexible, scalable automated platform that offers total redundancy and guaranteed integration with a wide range of third-party technologies, including master control/routing, video server and graphics systems. Relying on software components to control and integrate legacy hardware and software systems into a unified platform, CLASS is designed to ensure continuous and reliable operation.

Based on individual station requirements, broadcasters can choose between deploying Ross Video’s MC1 — a simple, cost-effective master control solution that features complete program path protection via input bypass relays — or the company’s NK Series of routing solutions, which are available in a wide variety of matrix sizes and types for increased flexibility. The package also includes Ross Video’s XPression real-time motion graphics system for high-end 3D graphics and animation creation.

The video server component of the package features 360 Systems’ MAXX-500, a high-performance, versatile system that can operate as a standard-definition video recorder, three-channel playout server and graphics store.

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